Welcome to the Future of Global PCB Procurement

We take our customers pcb requirements and match this with the most competitive price from our approved list of pcb manufacturers utilising a go site PCB eBidding Platform and manage the procurement, delivery, quality and logistics leading to a WIN/WIN for both Customer and PCB Supplier.

Ebay in Reverse… competitive Pricing of PCBs on a Global Scale… ensuring the most competitive pricing.. from our approved pcb manufacturers..

All our Approved PCB Suppliers produce High Quality PCBs and Deliver Ontime, so basically it is down to the most competitive price. We do this via a PCB Reverse Auction, a  PCB eBidding Platform

buy viagra line To view and participate in either the PCB eBidding Platform or PCB Sourcing Forum : you must be logged in and an approved user.

To be able to participate in this you need to

  1. Register via this Website – click here
  2. Be on Our Approved PCB Suppliers List – when you register we review and if successful approve your application. If you are already on our approved supplier list you will be added. If not please send capabilities and company presentations to to support your application.
  3. You are then emailed and can then bid on the PCB Reverse Auctions..

PCB Suppliers

Most pcb suppliers who quote for printed circuit manufacture will reduce their prices slightly when they see the target price or when they see what their competition is quoting, this PCB eBidding enables you to do this and increase your sales.

You WIN as you see what is on offer, and can reduce your price accordingly to win the order.


We represent over 400+ of some of the most prestigious Electronic Companies in the United Kingdom (expanding worldwide in 2018), purchasing in excess of $5,000,000 worth of pcbs in 2018, placing approx. 6,000 purchase orders for over 2,000,000 pcbs. They WIN as they are guaranteed we do our best to obtain the most competitive price from our approved pcb suppliers.

This is smartphone and tablet optimised … so its always with you.. scan the QR Code or visit this on your Smartphone and Tablet, and it can add a Icon to your desktop..

We have personnel in China on the ground who regularly visit and audit these suppliers.

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