buy generic neurontin online Welcome to the Future of Global PCB Procurement with our PCB eBidding Platform we offer an incredibly effective way for our customers to obtain the most competitive price from our portfolio of over 60+ Printed Circuit Manufacturers who are Reliable and produce a High Quality Product Delivered Ontime. For the PCB eBidding : you must be registered and approved to view and participate in this. For your Dashboard : you must be registered, approved and logged in.

PCB Sourcing forum : Our customers are always looking for something different, this is where we post requirements like “Rigid Rogers 0.20mm Supplier Needed”, you can then forward your details to us, via this portal.

Existing Suppliers : As an existing approved supplier you will have been audited via our Supplier Audit Programme.

New Suppliers : We are always on the look for more cost effective pcb suppliers for our customers. to add to our Approved Suppliers list.

It Starts with quality – you must have all the required Quality System Certificates and UL approvals, then you must have the right systems and equipment to manufacture high quality PCBs.

Then its down to Delivery : We will then review your ability to deliver ontime.

Then in the end its down to Price — You must be competitive.

You must complete our ALR Services Ltd PCB Suppliers Approved Pack, which we will send you should you become a successful pcb partner.

Basically we have one of 3 PCB Reverse Auction scenarios.

For both Quotes and actual Purchase Orders we will inform you by email that a quote or potential sales order has been uploaded.

for the Sq.M auctions you will submit your best price (fixed for 12 months), if the order is not as per the standard specification then we will have preagreed adder percentages, should you become the winning supplier for that range of Sq.M for that given layer count.

The Sq.M Pricing Scenario

This is longer term bidding, as here you are bidding on the possibility of winning a share of our business.

You quote the lowest price you will manufacture the pcbs in the Layer Count, Sq.M range and finish, then if successful you will win part of our business, these auctions run for 30 days, to enable all to send us their most competitive price.

The Quote Scenario

We have a customer who have asked us to obtain the most competitive quote for them from our portfoilio of approved PCB Manufacturers.

We upload this to this our PCB eBidding Platform with an end date.

For this we upload the board details and if available a pdf so you can see what the circuit looks like.

Our Customer may already have a Target Price in Mind (if not we set the Target Price, we understand the Global PCB Market).

You then bid on the Price you can do this at. (please note e-Bid includes tooling, as this is a new job to you, so amortise tooling into price bidded)

Take the Price in Dollars you will want to make this for, add all your tooling costs and then divide by the no. of circuits = Bid Cost.
i.e. for a Qty of 1,000 boards

You will do this for $1.50, however you have total set-up costs of $200, then your bid cost is $1.70
i.e. 1000 x $1.50 + $200 = total $1700 / 1000 boards = $1.70
enter Bid cost as $1.70

Other PCB companies then quote against you…

If your Bid is currently the lowest bid, when the reverse auction ends.. then you are the winning bidder for this quotation.

We will then keep your quote on record, inform the customer of the quotation, and when we win the order we will place this with you via our normal purchase ordering system.

The Quotes you submit must be valid for 6 months.

Actual Purchase Order

We place over 6,000 purchase orders with our pcb partners totalling in excess of $4,000,000 and this is expected to grow quickly… we have 400+ active customers and we are increasing this each week..

Daily we have purchase orders to place on competitive High Quality Reliable PCB Manufacturers… so in these cases you are bidding on actual printed circuit boards for which we are ready to place orders today…

Same scenario as above…

The difference being if you are the Winning Bidder .. ( you will be below our target price) then we will be placing that order in the next 24 hours…

Because we offer quick leadtimes.. typically we are only uploading the longer leadtime orders.. but even this is limited to 24 hours..

We will upload.. UK time between 8am – 5pm.. Shenzhen China Time – 3pm -1am.. we will typically then close at 8am the next day . which will be 3pm Shenzhen China…

Once you are accepted and logged in

The Website menu will look like this

By selecting the PCB eBidding page you will see the current auctions

There is already 2 bids on this.. Lowest Bid wins…

If you can provide a lower price.. Click “Bid Now”

If you are the lowest bidder and we have accessed this to be within your capability we will contact you.

Good luck with your bidding…

The PCB eBidding Team